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Captain Video Playback

About Us

24 frame playback operators are available with an experienced IATSE 479 video playback technician on computers, televisions, phones, and custom props. Modern screens as well as older CRT monitors can be adjusted for 24 frame playback. Devices can be standalone or synced with optimal lighting and color shading.


Discounts are available for all-in-one packages including graphics and monitors as well as for larger film shoots. Contact us for a quote on your movie or television production being filmed in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area or nationwide.

What is 24 Frame Playback?

24 frame playback is when a video operator sets up and maintains practical television and CRT monitors on a film set behind live actors. They adjust the colors and temperature as well as keep the monitors from flickering and a running bar from being visible by matching the frame rate of the camera. This happens because the video is natively 30 (NTSC) or 25 (PAL) frames per sec while the cameras are 24 fps. So 24 frames (48 fields) are fed into the monitors. Additionally, a 24 frame playback operator handles the playback of computer screens, flat panel screens, laptops, modern televisions, and phones.

Some advanced playback operators are also able to make changes to files on set including animation, motion graphics, editing, and interactive files where actors are typing or clicking. Renkrik includes a full animation workstation with 24 frame playback services on the kit rental.

The Team

The People of GSL

Catherine Moore
Curtis Webb

Executive Producer

Nick Ferguson

Production Manager

Andrew Simpson

Creative Development

Harlow Banks
Joe Priestley

Technical Director

Kevin Jen

Financial Director

Sharon Page

Office Manager

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